Rectangle Round
  • 180x270 cm
  • 150x240 cm
  • 90x200 cm
  • 110 cm
  • 170 cm
Living Room
Terrace and Pool area
Living room and Lobby
Dining and Terrace
Balcony and Terrace
Entrances, Halls and Hallways
For Picnic, Beach, Yoga etc.
Mat Features
PDM BRAND’s mat collection renews the customary idea of mats by enhancing the durability, appearance and feel. The quality is developed to meet the needs of modern life through high density weaving,finalisation with border and designing distinctive patterns to fit with contemporary living. PDM mats are waterproof and UV resistant, light, very easy to keepclean and possible to use on both sides. Some design have inverted coloring on their back offering more variation in one product. Mats are idealfor decorating dinning room, entrance areas, patios and poolside to mention a few. While made of 100% synthetic material and woven of yarns with solid surface the mats do not create the dust beeing also great option to more sensitive homes. The material is recycled polypropylene and the product can also be recycled.
UV Resistant
Color Quality
Water Proof
Mold Resistant
High Density
Allergy Free