PDM Brand is a design company focused on lifestyle products as furniture and home textiles. The company has been operating since 2013 and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. PDM Brand is a design company focused on lifestyle products as furniture and home textiles. Company’s ideology is to design products with longevity through appearance, durability and function.
Story behind PDM MAT
PDM Brand
“Instead of carpet with mat”

We have a Finnish friend who visited Thailand, she is the carpet expert. She wondered why Thai people do not usually cover the oor by carpet like the foreigners. I told her that... we do not usually use carpet due to a lot of dust; even we cannot decorate room with fabric sofa. She kept saying where should be covered with carpet.... When I brought her to oer monks robes in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima Province), she had seen many mats covered the temple oor both red-owered pattern green mats or old-fashioned pattern yellow mats that Thai people prefer to use. She pointed at them and said “they’re carpets!” Do you believe that? I cannot sleep anymore since many “Rebuilt” old-fashioned mats project ideas ran into my mind all night long.... How did I miss that Thai valuable
There are carpets covering in the modern houses or condo- miniums in fact, carpet is not only used for beautiful and cozy decoration but also warm the users’ feet.... But Thailand is hot, humid and dusty so it is not proper for Thailand.... people might ask if they need the beautiful oor covering, which one should they use so the answer is “mat”, the appro- priate object for hot country since it does not contain any dust and can be easily rolled and kept... but our familiar mat has many disadvantages such as fragile, easily-torn, not beautiful pattern and be old-fashioned to use...

As time goes by, we learn that mat is “hot country carpet” due to its properties: colorful, lively, non-dusty contain and easy to clean as well as it is the identity of Thai style which is the main factor of PDM BRAND to reuse it in Thai living with new identity.... Beautiful and durable

PDM BRAND is the rst Thai mat developer. We redesign from material sorting to patterns design idea processes with old production to maintain its property to be proper with current residences as much as possible through the research and development from manufactories, material experts and designers.
PDM MAT has many outstanding properties like PP recycle plastic using to apply as the matte color to prevent the reec- tion light and maintain the room atmosphere. We apply UB Inhibiter to plastic so it can be used outdoor, cannot be fragile and colorless after a year using.

PDM mat is rmly weaved than regular mat about 30% so it can prevent the middle tearing and can be used both side. The most important is we renovate the pattern design by Thai and foreigner designers who have will to design and invent new pattern of mat.

Currently, PDM MAT is accepted from both foreign and Thai customers. We have French, Japanese, American, Spanish and Panamanian customers including we have excellent design awards from many institutes. Recently, PDM Material was approved by Material ConneXion in March 2015 and can now be found in their Materials Library around the world.
After many years, PDM MAT has been distributed to many recreation areas worldwide including houses, condominiums, and gorgeous resorts in Thailand. We are glad to be a part of those locations atmosphere and be the beautiful decoration. PDM mat condently connects with rst-class furniture brands. Mothers and housewives love to purchase it to deco - rate their house and their children will not get any allergic symptoms from dust. We often sell it as gift since the receivers will be surprised and impressed with our products. Many house visitors always realize our mats as carpets but in fact they are mats and the visitors can take o their shoes and walk on mats so they are so excited. Even green curry or coee spill on it during meal, it can be easily cleaned by water or sponge washing and let it dry by air for a short-time it will be ready to use again. As we inform to our customers and they often tell us.... PDM MAT is the hot country carpet with beautiful and modern patterns as well as be easy to look after like Thai style using.
A Donation project by PDM Brand
We have plan to return a prot back to the society by donat - ing 99 mats, which are customized design and produced by PDM Brand, to 99 local temples in Thailand. For this project, We invited and gave an opportunity to our fans to participate in the project by sending us temple's names. Temple mats were specially designed for this project by customizing color and size throughout quality as PDM mat which are suitable harmoniously with space for Buddhist ceremonies.
PDM’s Hands
With his partners, both Thai and international in cooperation with local manufacturers, craftsmen and various project based designers.
Sini Henttonen
Pok Kobkongsanti
Suwan Kongkhunthian
Manrat Suensilpong
Kongkalp Wiriyalampa
Doonyapol Srichan
Pumate Techabanjerd
Napat Pongpanatnukul